Police catch up with “plague doctor”

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May 5, 2020 1 min read

Police say they have found the person walking around Hellesdon dressed as a 17th century plague doctor and have given him “words of advice”.

A police spokesman said that officers identified him as a boy in his late teens and said he has been told about the consequences his actions might have on others in the community.

The boy had become something of a local celebrity after photos of him wearing a long black robe and a beaked mask circulated on local, national and international media.

The “plague doctor” out and about in Hellesdon. Photo: Jade Gosbell.

Social media was full of comments from local people who had seen him out and about, ranging from those who were afraid to those who thought it was a clever move.

“If he can’t wear it now, when can he?” asked one.

The masks were used all over the world to treat patients with plague and were filled with herbs which, at the time, were thought to protect against the disease.

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