Police close public enquiry offices

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Mar 27, 2020 2 mins read

Norfolk police has closed all its public enquiry offices from 2pm today.

Anyone who needs to go along to an office will be given a phone number to enable them to speak to counter staff during normal office hours – the number will be displayed on posters in each location.

Anyone going along to answer bail or to present their documents should call the number displayed; those who want to report a crime, or to attend an office outside the normal hours, is asked to use the yellow telephone on the outside of the building. This will connect callers to the contact and control room.

With the current focus on hygiene and social distancing, people are urged only to use these phones in an emergency and to instead report non-urgent crimes or concerns via online reporting at  

Where possible, people are urged to report non-urgent crimes via the website – but still dial 999 if you are reporting an emergency.

Chief Constable Simon Bailey said: “Unprecedented circumstances are going to test the constabulary over the coming weeks and months and whilst public engagement is extremely important to us, our focus is firmly on frontline policing and those crimes which cause most harm. By changing our approach we are aiming to ensure we protect the most vulnerable at this complex and continually changing time.”  

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