Police would like to talk to “plague doctor”

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Apr 29, 2020 2 mins read

Police would like to offer “words of advice” to the person walking around Hellesdon dressed as a 17th century plague doctor.

Residents have been posting photographs of the “doctor” – in a long black cloak and beaked mask worn during the Great Plague in the 1600s – on social media with comments ranging from terror to amusement.

Some said they had seen two of the “doctors” after the neighbourhood policing group asked people to look out for them.

The “plague doctor” who is walking around Hellesdon, causing some consternation…. Picture: JADE GOSBELL

“If he can’t wear it now, when can he?” asked one poster on a local Facebook page, with another saying they found it “hilarious”. Although one woman commented: “That’s just not normal is it?”

And while some were worried it might frighten children, one commented that her son thought it was “brilliant”.

The person has been dressing in this way for a couple of weeks while enjoying a daily walk, and while police said no offence had been committed they were “keen to trace the individual in order to provide words of advice about the implications of his actions on the local community”.

A drawing of a 17th century plague doctor. Someone in a similar costume is taking their daily walk in Hellesdon and the police would “like a word”.

During the Great Plague of London in 1665, 15pc of the city’s population died, and doctors dealing with plague all over the world wore the beaked masks which were filled with herbs they believed would ward off the infection.

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