North Walsham

Protest against road closures

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Jul 6, 2020 2 mins read

Traders in North Walsham launched a protest in the town centre today, saying the new traffic restrictions have pushed them back into a new lockdown.

The Market Place was closed to all through traffic from today, with the loss of parking spaces and through traffic adding to concerns of businesses which have already been closed for around six months – first because of gas works and then again covid-19 restrictions came in.

The protest was organised by Bob White, who owns the Showcase Gallery, who said the closure was unnecessary and could be the final nail in the coffin for some businesses.

“Just as the town was getting back to life, we are hit with a brick wall,” he said.

The protest had the support of around 20 businesses as well as shoppers and residents who say that shopping will be made difficult because of the lack of parking spaces and changes to the bus routes.

They all held banners made by Mr White which read “No traffic, no custom, no future”.

North Norfolk District Council has said the measures will be under frequent review and were brought in to comply with regulations and keep shoppers safe.

But Mr White and his fellow protesters believe that they are bringing in “pedestrianisation by stealth” which is not what any of them want.

“We are all experienced businesses, and this is not what we want and not what North Walsham needs,” he said.

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