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Sep 21, 2015 3 mins read

A local therapy centre is asking its members, customers, local businesses and the general public to support its annual fundraising target by collecting sticks of pound coins, and coming along to see them all laid out at a special street party event.

The Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre Norfolk (MSTCN), located on Delft Way, began its Trail of Pounds Challenge three months ago and is hoping to be able to lay out 300 of the one-metre long sticks at a special street party event on Sunday, October 11, 11am-3pm.

With 40 pound coins in each stick, this would make a total of £12,000 towards the centres £125,000 annual running costs.

“We raise £25,000 in general fundraising, £20,000 from income generated through renting out the therapy and meeting rooms, and the rest we have to raise through events such as this,” explained centre manager Paul Ray. “We don’t get any statutory money at all, so if we do reach the £12,000 target that’s a considerable chunk of the shortfall.”

The idea came from a centre user, who is also a committee member. The original plan was to get 1km of coins, but it was deemed a bit ambitious and scaled back to 300m, which they will try to achieve this year and next year, with a final push the year after to get 400m to complete the 1km.

The centre has given out 280 sticks so far, and 180 have already been filled and given back. Anyone who would like to fill a stick can simply pop into the centre to pick one up, plus Paul hopes lots of people will come and join in on October 11 and bring their spare pound coins with them to fill the last few sticks.

On the day, there will also be a cake stall, refreshments and a bouncy castle. The road outside the centre is being closed to allow for tables and chairs in traditional street party style – complete with marquees in case of bad weather!

As well as offering a range of services, advice, clinics and support for its 400 members, the centre also rents out treatment rooms where therapists can offer their services to the general public. You can see a range of these therapists on this page, and they will all be at the street party event to offer information – some will even be offering free mini treatments!

This is an essential part of the centre’s income and using the therapists is a great way for people to support the centre.

The coins themselves will be snaked around the front of the MSTCN building and should make for an impressive demonstration of people’s generosity.

Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre Norfolk
Unit I and J, Iceni House, Delft Way, NR6 6BB
Tel: 01603 485933 / 488561
Website: www.mstcn.org.uk
Facebook: MSTCN Norfolk

Paul Ray

Paul Ray

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