Rare bird spotted in Cromer

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May 28, 2014 2 mins read

A reader took this picture of a bird feeding in her garden in Cromer on Monday and “the bird world went nuts”.

Susan Bignell said: “I was just about to go out and saw this bird through my kitchen window, I quickly grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. I then went out for a walk to Overstrand and when I got back decided to load the pictures on my laptop. I looked in my bird books for this bird but could not see it so put it on Facebook and asked the Norfolk Countryside Photos site if anyone knew what it was. Well everything went manic after that. One of my friends said it was a Black-headed Bunting and soon it was confirmed by the Rare Bird Site. Everyone was so excited and I was thrilled that I had managed to capture this beautiful bird on film.”

She thought it had probably been blown off course, and just happened to land in her garden for a feed. She found out the information below, saying: “I can now understand why the bird world was excited.”

The Black-headed Bunting breeds in south east Europe east to Iran and migrates in winter mainly to India, with some individuals moving further into south east Asia. Like others in its family, it is found in open grassland habitats where they fly in flocks in search of grains and seed. Adult males are well marked with yellow underparts, chestnut back and a black head. Adult females in breeding plumage look like duller males. In other plumages, they can be hard to separate from the closely related red-headed Bunting and natural hybridization occurs between the two species in the zone of overlap of their breeding ranges in northern Iran.

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