Resorts’ economies are hardest hit

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Apr 22, 2020 2 mins read

Cromer and Sheringham are among the 20 places in the UK whose economies have been hit the hardest by the coronavirus restrictions.

In figures showing the financial impact being felt around the country, the two popular resorts have seen a 53pc year-on-year drop in all spending during the first week of April. Non-grocery spending was down 75pc between March 31 and April 7, although people were spending around 9pc more on their food shopping.

The figures, compiled by Tortoise Media, showed that towns and cities across Britain were feeling the pinch – especially in areas where tourism played a big part in the local economy. They looked at changes in consumer spending in 172 towns and cities – with the North Norfolk resorts suffering the 19th largest loss.

Usually both Cromer and Sheringham would be beginning to enjoy their summer seasons – especially with the recent nice weather – but with residents staying at home and visitors being told to keep away, it is not surprising that resorts such as these are having the toughest time.

Towns in tourist spots such as the West Country and the Lake District, which would usually be filling up with families and walkers enjoying a spring break, were also among those feeling it the most. Penzance has seen an 85pc drop in non-grocery sales and they have fallen by 82pc in Penrith, the two towns which have fared worst of all, according to the data.

Cities including Oxford (down 61pc overall) and Brighton (down 59pc) which usually attracted tourists from the UK and abroad were also hit.

Elsewhere in Norfolk, Great Yarmouth had seen a general 46pc drop in all spending, King’s Lynn was down 41pc and Norwich was seeing 32pc less overall consumer spending.

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