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REVIEW: A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Paston College

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Feb 19, 2016 2 mins read

Music, dance drama, glitter and all-white bloomers: what more could an audience want? Yet again, Paston Sixth Form College exceeded expectation with its mesmerizing performance of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, beautifully concluding the college’s Shakespearean Festival of Love.

About as far removed from the enchanted Athenian forest as possible, the play was set in our very own Norfolk countryside. The beautiful damsels Hermia and Helena, played by Isabella Tofts and Charlotte Ware, possessed a feisty flare in their jodhpurs and hardhats: the perfect depiction of two country-girl horse riders. Their mismatched affections with the dazzling Lysander (Robbie Nichols) and persistent Demetrius, Ben Would, each conveyed with excellent passion and envy, are complicated further by the meddling sprite, Puck, played by Phoebe Hagan, who peppers the play with mischievous magic to distort each character’s affections.

Potentially the most significant crossed love is Titania’s. Claudia Martinez played the Queen of Fairies as a sassy, soulful Irishwoman, quite the contrast to Nathan Mills’ hilariously harmless portrayal of Nick Bottom with whom she becomes infatuated. Particularly memorable is Bottom’s iconic transformation into an ass, complete with long ears, buck teeth and frequent ‘eey-ore!’s that had the audience in stitches.

Enriching the comedy further were the rest of the Mechanicals, including Laura Finnemore, Jake Lomax, Daisy Campbell, Isabella Whiteley-Tye and last but not least, Micah Richmond, whose alarmingly convincing impersonation of a damsel in distress, aided by a stunning red ball gown, was a particular favourite for the audience.

This said, the number of notable performers is extensive; Paston are privileged to hold such a concentration of talented individuals. The entire play was executed with such confidence and refinement and, evidenced in the fact several delighted audience members couldn’t help but go back to see it again, it was a pure joy to watch.

Hazel Needham

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