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Jul 30, 2015 2 mins read


Spectators were in good spirits at the first night performance of Peter Pan Return To Neverland at the Norwich Theatre Royal on Wednesday July 29, which was a real hit with the audience.

The production featured around 250 young people from the Norwich Theatre Royal Arts Courses and their enthusiasm was tangible, as they sang their hearts out, undertook some clever harmonies and stomped on and off the stage.

The musical, which runs until Saturday, August 1, saw the audience clapping along to the music from the live orchestra and there is something of a pantomime feel to the production, which made you want to cheer the hero (Peter Pan, of course, played by Sam Todd) and boo the baddie, the very well-spoken Captain Hook, played by Joe Darbyshire.

Peter Pan Return To Neverland picked up the story of JM Barrie’s classic characters years after the end of the much-loved children’s story and returned in the 1920s with Wendy married with kids, the Lost Boys living in London, and Peter concerned that the disappearance of a host of children could be linked to the evil Captain Hook.

The scenery was impressive, particularly the pirates’ ship against the starry sky in the second half and the scene below decks on the Peers’ Yacht when the passengers were feeling rather queasy, which was one of the funniest scenes.

All the youngsters did themselves proud, but the stand-out performances were from Chief Little Panther, leader of the Redskins, played by Declan Matwij, and pirate Molly Molloy, played by Hannah Banyard. The chief had some of the best lines and delivered them brilliantly, while Molly (aka Brian) stood out for her series of nonsensical sayings and her strong singing voice.

After suffering an absence of his powers, Peter Pan finally learns to fly again, helped by a purposefully surly, moody, modern-day Tinkerbell, a far cry from the sweetness and light version we’re used to, who was played by Alex Bannon, and who also did a great job.

Tickets are available by calling 01603 630000.

Carolyn Atkins.

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