Review: Summer Rep. Gala Evening at Sheringham Little theatre “Teechers” by John Godber

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Jul 8, 2013 2 mins read

The summer Rep got off to an explosive start with a performance of “Teechers”, a play by John Godber. The scene was a school hall in a comprehensive school named Whitewall. With a cast of only three actors and a list of twenty characters it proved to be very fast moving. The actors going seamlessly from one character to another with the minimum of props and no scene changes. The play revolves around the newly qualified drama teacher, Mr Nixon, played outstandingly by Ryan Starling, who also became the teenager Salty. The other two actors, Madeleine Brolly and Sarah Langton, took on the characters of teenage girls, Gail and Hobby, and also their teachers, both male and female, going effortlessly from one character to another. The action was fast paced, very funny and reflected the time in which the play was first written, produced and performed, 1985. It was a comment on the state versus private education with the implication that the state did not see the pupils as individuals with any potential. The teachers faced difficulties in keeping any sort of discipline amongst their pupils, the school leavers hadn’t been inspired by their time at the school and were headed for dead end jobs. All this, the teacher’s difficulties and the pupils zest for life came across performed by an outstanding cast of only three.

Sandra & Kevin Stone


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