Ribbons and rainbows brighten their day

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Apr 9, 2020 2 mins read

Elderly people living in a Norfolk housing-with-care scheme are being cheered up by colourful ribbons and paintings that have been tied to their fence.

The tenants of Redmayne View, in Sprowston – which is run by NorseCare – are unable to leave their homes during lockdown and were feeling a bit down and missing their families. Unable to receive visitors they sent a letter to their neighbours, asking if they could help cheer them up.

“We cannot open our doors to talk to you, but we have had an idea,” the letter said. “If you would like to tie a coloured ribbon, a coloured rainbow or other decoration to our railings it would help brighten our day and make us smile.”

It went on to say that they were missing their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and, in some cases, their great-great grandchildren, adding: “A million thank-yous for helping us brighten a sad and worrying situation.”

And, of course, the community rallied round, with lots of families and children leaving ribbons and rainbows and paintings on the fence.

One resident said: “It’s wonderful. People wave at me and smile, so I still feel connected to the outside world.”

Another added: “It’s lovely and colourful and I feel that people really care but I hope everyone stays safe.”

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