Ruby May conquers Mount Snowdon

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Apr 23, 2018 2 mins read

Schoolgirl Ruby May Jennings found time during her Easter holiday to climb up and down one of the UK’s highest mountains and raise hundreds of pounds for a very worthy cause.

Seven-year-old Ruby May, from Taverham, scaled all 1,085m of Mount Snowdon, in Wales, and will be presenting Cancer Research UK with at least £800 as a result.

Ruby May’s epic 21km trek, completed with her parents Becki and Matthew and family friends, took seven hours and 43 minutes, and it wasn’t all plain sailing.

“There was a really freaky and scary bit near the top on the Pyg Track because it was a sheer drop and the path was filled with ice as well,” said Ruby May, a pupil at Drayton Junior School. “We had to walk up right on the edge. There were loads of rocks below!”

But she thoroughly enjoyed the expedition, skipping and dancing all the way down and being very impressed with the breath-taking views.

“I feel really happy and proud to have made it,” Ruby May added. “I only fell over once which is very surprising because in class I always fall over chair legs!”

Her mum Becki was diagnosed with skin cancer when Ruby May was a baby but has since made a full recovery.


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