Say hi to Thomas! Arden Grove children put their writers hats on

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Mar 2, 2015 2 mins read

Pupils at Arden Grove Infant & Nursery School have put their writers’ hats on in response to a request for stories in the January issue of the magazine.

Year 2 teachers Claire Hannant and Lucy Baker are always looking for opportunities to provide the children with real life experiences and a purpose for their writing, and set them the task of writing a letter about one of three things they feel are special about the school.

The children were asked to choose whether they wanted to write about: Thomas, the school cat; the forthcoming trip to London; or taking part in the English Touring Opera’s performance of La Boheme at the end of March.
We were particularly interested to read about Thomas, the fluffy, if slightly grumpy, school cat.

Lydia Roe (pictured above) said in her letter: “Thomas is a friendly cat, but he is grumpy when he gets too much attention.

“Thomas has his own special chair with a blanket on it. Mrs Applegate the caretaker feeds him and gives him fresh water.

“Thomas’ fur is nice to stroke. He likes to wander about in the corridors, he is very curious of what he finds.

“Thomas is a black and white cat. He is very fast when he needs to be.”

Reece Bayfield (also pictured) added: “Thomas is whiskery. It’s brilliant to have a cat. Once he came in the classroom at night and set the alarm off!

“He is incredible how high he can jump – he’s awesome. I like Thomas because he purrs all the time.”

London trip 1

London trip 2

London trip 3

London trip 4

Opera 1

Opera 2

Opera 3

Opera 4

School cat 1

School cat 2

School cat 3

School cat 4

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