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School Nativity welcomes a real baby as Jesus

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Dec 21, 2015 2 mins read


Children all over the country have been taking part in their schools Nativity plays, adorned in tea towels and tinsel halos.

But the Year 2 pupils at Queens Hill Primary in Costessy have had an extra special character join the cast this year. In their adaption of the traditional Christmas story the new-born Jesus was played by a real baby.

The First Christmas production was put together by class teachers Miss Alan and Ms Taylor and it appears to have been a total success with all the actors playing their parts perfectly.

The performance was a slight adaption on the traditional Nativity, with several children narrating the story as if it was being told by a grandpa to his grandchildren.

The wriggling bundle in centre stage loved all the attention she was getting, giving a star studded performance for her debut.

Head Penny Shepherd said: “I’ve had real babies in Nativities before. It makes it a special event for the children. Although it always depends if there is a baby among the school community. I normally ask parents of those who have a number of children –  mums are generally quite relaxed by the time they get to at least number three!
“The school dog, Seb, nearly made an appearance but unfortunately he wasn’t too impressed with the sight of the donkey costume so ended up watching with the audience.”


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