Sheringham shows its community spirit in Uganda

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Nov 19, 2015 2 mins read

A group of community-minded people from Sheringham have been putting their skills to good use in Uganda.
Members of the Lighthouse Community Church headed out to Lewero in Uganda for eight days, to provide support to the school and community there.
The church and school there have been partnered by the Sheringham church for five years, and much progress has been made during that time to help the community.
In Uganda, the team of 25 installed a water filtering system to ensure clean, safe and secure water supplies for the village.
The work involved included painting, fixing guttering, installing the water filter system and installing electrics, solar lights and a rain water collection system .
The packed week also saw the team supporting the local churches by taking part in their meetings and providing music and teaching.
They ran a teacher training course, giving information about disciplinary methods, and providing text books and training on how to use them and organised a holiday club with lots of fun activities for more than 300 children, including decorating T-shirts, parachute games and weaving.
They were also able to show the women from the village how to knit and crochet and they gave out clothing to locals.
Other events included a sports day community event with prizes.
There were medical check-ups for children in the school, and giving treatments where necessary as the team included three nurses, and a feeding programme aimed at the elderly, with sacks given out, each containing one month’s food
Ian Mutton, from SMG Architects, who led the adventure with Pastor Bryan Pickard, said: “We were a diverse group with numerous skills and a wealth of life experience between us which resulted in a positive team.”

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