Sparhawk’s sparkling event!

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Jul 23, 2020 3 mins read

Pupils, parents and teachers at Sparhawk Infant and Nursery School really sparkled at the weekend when they took part in the school’s Gem of a Challenge.

Summer term is usually the time when the Sprowston school holds its most successful fundraising events such as fetes and barbecues, but this year they had to think outside the box – and into the jewellery box.

Everyone was invited to choose a gemstone and then complete a challenge, the crazier the better, to raise money for the Friends of Sparhawk School Association.

Each gem corresponded to a number – topaz was four, jade was 12, emerald was 20, coral was 35, ruby was 40, diamond was 60 and sapphire equalled 65 – which indicated how many of your chosen task had to be completed.

Mr Seddon stayed quiet for 65 hours – and shouted it to the rooftops when he finished!

Among the staff, Miss Whitlam completed a 40km bike ride having chosen a ruby challenge; Mrs Benton completed four cartwheels in a row for her topaz challenge; Mrs Goldsworthy baked 65 delicious cupcakes for her sapphire challenge; Mrs Mann completed 60,000 steps; and Mr Seddon kept absolutely silent for 65 hours!

Mrs Munday, Mrs Easlea, Miss Whitlam and Mr Ainley completing their challenges.

Mrs Easlea had 60 (or more…) cups of water thrown over her, and Mrs Munday set herself the challenge of learning 65 words in sign language.

The children came up with even more fun challenges, including Amy, in Diamond class, who played 20 board games for her emerald challenge, and Edith, in Topaz class, who cycled four miles on her pink bicycle.

Ryan made cards to cheer everyone up and Leah changed 20 nappies… this one looks as though it might be a bit smelly!

Ryan decided to share the love by making and delivering 20 cards to family and friends, Dylan used 40 Lego bricks to make a picture and Leah probably chose the most unusual challenge – changing 20 nappies for her sister!

Ted and Holly completed the Bewilderwood Muddle Maze 20 times between them on Ted’s sixth birthday, Casper joined Mr Ainley to complete 20 laps of Sparhawk Park (Mr Ainley notched up 40), Harrison and Ethan made 40 sandcastles at the beach, Charlie made a creation from 60 pieces of Lego, Finn spent 40 minutes blindfolded – including eating his breakfast – and Maggie used 60 Megablocks to make something.

Amy completing all her games for her challenge.

Ethan completed 40 laps of the park on his bike, and Max scooted up and down the street for 20 minutes.

All in all, these challengers and many others, have so far raised £2,406 for FOSSA. Anyone who wants to add to the total can do so by clicking here.

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