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Spreading the word to shop local

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Jun 4, 2020 2 mins read

A North Walsham newsagent is spreading the message that the town is keen to open and get back to business after a torrid few months.

First roadworks to replace gas pipes hit businesses, and then the covid-19 restrictions came along and now Bob White, owner of the Showcase Gallery is keen to get everyone to stay safe, spend locally and save jobs.

Bob and his wife, Jan, started their businesses – the newsagents and the next-door card shop – in 2008, right in the middle of the banking crisis, so they are no strangers to coping through hard times.

And now Bob is encouraging others to spread the word by providing banners to leave everyone in no doubt that businesses are coming back.

Bob White with one of the banners outside his shop.

“The buses are getting back to normal, the Market Place car parking  is free of roadworks – let’s get the town back to some sort of normality, whilst keeping socially responsible. Business owners have done their bit and are ready for shoppers to be able to shop safely,” he said.

“The shops that have been completely closed until recently would surely be deserving of your custom – perhaps try a shop that you have never been in prior to lockdown. I am sure you will get a warm welcome.

“By spending locally, you will be saving jobs. We all know money makes the world go around so please shop locally and let’s all help each other as we have been during these last few months.”

Banners are available from Showcase Gallery for all North Walsham businesses to display once they are up and running.

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