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Mar 19, 2020 2 mins read

Broadland MP Jerome Mayhew has urged communities to “stand up and join the fight” against the spread of coronavirus.

“We are facing a national challenge of a scale that we have not faced in peacetime,2 he said. “People are worried about their health, their jobs and their ability to buy food when they need it.”

He said the government had looked at all these concerns, offering support with more to come in the next days and weeks but added that we all had to play our part.

“This is not an emergency that can be addressed simply by calling the emergency services,” he said. “This time, we, the people, need to stand up and be part of the fight. By leaving the health services as free as possible to focus on the virus, by moderating our own food shopping habits, by avoiding unnecessary contacts, we will be helping to win this war.”

And he stressed that people should follow the advice currently being given out, including:

Not going to crowded areas;

Not visiting vulnerable family members;

Keeping two metres apart from other people as much as possible; 

Self-isolating for seven days if you develop symptoms;

Continuing to regularly wash hands.

And he added: “As a community we will shield all those over the age of 70 and all those with underlying medical conditions from contact with this virus.  Parish councils, town councils and churches have created community volunteer groups to provide shopping and delivery support to their communities, co-ordinated and supported by the district councils and Norfolk County Council.” 

He asked that anyone able to volunteer – as long as they were in a low risk category – should do so, saying: “This is our opportunity to stand up and be counted to protect those who have to be shielded – the most vulnerable in our society including the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions – and that is both a wonderful opportunity for us to demonstrate our cohesiveness as a society and also our fundamental duty.

“Let us show ourselves that we are part of a great national community, worthy of our forebears and a standard for generations to come.”

For more information visit  www.jeromemayhew.org.uk/coronavirus-advice-0

Jerome Mayhew

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