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Jul 11, 2013 4 mins read

With summer finally making an appearance Norfolk’s firefighters and Trading Standards officers have issued some timely safety advice.Every year fire destroys thousands of acres of countryside, forestry and other wildlife habitats across the country. Some fires are started deliberately, but most could easily be prevented by following some simple safety advice.

Group Manager at Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service Greg Preston, said: “After something of a slow start to the summer to say the least we will all no doubt want to make the most of the sunshine. Norfolk Fire and Rescue has a few simple tips for making sure you and your family stay safe this summer whatever you are planning, be it a barbecue or a boat trip.”

Scammers and rogue traders never take summer holidays and they will continue to target Norfolk residents during the summer months. Typical summer scams include offering tickets that don’t exist to big summer festivals and concerts or charging additional fees to apply for foreign holiday essentials like European Health Insurance cards which consumers can actually get free of charge.

David Collinson, Head of Public Protection at Norfolk County Council, said: “Rogue traders will often take advantage of longer lighter days to cold call residents offering to do work around the house and garden. We always advise that you should never agree to having work done if someone cold calls but to always use a reliable business you have chosen for yourself, for example from the Norfolk Trusted Trader scheme.”

Both services are also reminding people to follow the safety advice printed on all barbecues especially disposable ones, following a number of tragic fatal incidents in the UK in the last year.

Mr Preston said: “Our key message is to never take a lit or smouldering barbecue into a tent or caravan awning. Even a smouldering barbecue can give off deadly carbon monoxide for many hours after it’s been used.”

Dan Roper, Cabinet Member for Public Protection, said: “We all know our fire and rescue service does an excellent job responding when emergencies happen but equally important is the work they do in preventing emergencies happening in the first place. It would be great if our services had a quiet summer as a result of people using some simple safety tips. People can keep one step ahead of scams and rogue traders by taking the advice from our trading standards officers”

As well as issuing general safety advice about being careful with matches, barbecues and discarded cigarettes fire officers are asking people to please be aware of the following:

* One of the biggest dangers is people using flammable liquids to light the barbecue. Please prepare well in advance and light the charcoal early.
* Don’t have a bonfire of any size during a sustained dry period. This is particularly important in rural areas.
* If you see a fire please ring 999 and ask for the fire and rescue service even for a small fire, it can very soon become a big fire and get out of control.
* We may be very busy but we are never too busy to answer your call.
* For anyone working on the land it is essential to have at least one fire extinguisher on your vehicle, preferably water. If possible have a water bowser, slurry tanker or sprayer nearby when harvesting or baling.
* Do not fill your fuel tank completely full during hot weather. Fuel must have room to expand.
* Anyone planning to use fireworks/Chinese lanterns is asked to exercise caution as a stray firework/lantern is an obvious hazard.

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