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May 29, 2020 2 mins read

Traders and businesses in Aylsham have been sent a letter from Broadland District Council advising them of steps they should be taking to get the town back in business next month.

With non-essential retailers looking likely to be allowed to open from June 15, the letter, from tourism officer Chloe Griffin, said: “What this means in practice is that high streets, which were shut down so quickly, effectively and responsibly by shopkeepers and businesses, can now reopen in a socially responsible manner.”

And she said the council would be helping with the way things would change, including hygiene measures and social distancing restrictions.

“To allow the reopening of Aylsham, Broadland and South Norfolk Councils can help with possible alterations to the townscape to makes these spaces as useable as possible and give people the confidence to go about their business,” she wrote. “This may also give us an opportunity to make changes which will draw people back to town centres as a destination of choice to undertake shopping, leisure and business activities.

“So that Aylsham is ready to reopen by June 15, there are officers across Broadland and South Norfolk who, among many other things, are focusing on interventions such as on-street marshalling, car parking assistance to facilitate social distancing, street marshals to assist with new walking/pedestrian routes, way-marking and on street signage, directions/arrows and markings on pavements, volunteers and staff to assist with queries or concerns regarding social distancing implementation, hand sanitiser units, licensing and regulations, and the procurement of PPE and other equipment.”

She said these interventions would help support the message that Aylsham is a “vibrant place, where people feel confident to travel to and from, to shop in and to work”.

She added that across Broadland and South Norfolk, officers were working together to make sure that the re-opening of market towns could happen smoothly and that businesses could meet the challenges ahead.

The letter also includes links to useful guidance for how to make sure shops and offices are safe to open.

She added that the rules for cafes, pubs and restaurants had not yet changed but anyone in the hospitality industry could contact them if they were affected by any social distancing adaptions made within the town.

Click here for retailer guidance  and here for other work settings

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