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Steve sets the scene for TV crime drama

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Apr 25, 2016 3 mins read

Who doesn’t like a good crime drama – getting caught up in the thrill of the chase and the complexity of the investigation? It’s something that Steve Gaskin got first hand experience of again recently, when he was asked by BBC One’s Silent Witness to be a forensic science advisor during filming for the next series. We caught up with Steve to find out more.

There’s no questioning Steve Gaskin’s credentials: 25 years at Scotland Yard, working on high profile cases such as the Clapham Junction train crash, the attempted assassination of an Israeli ambassador and the Hyde Park bombing; ultimately rising to the rank of Detective Chief Inspector with responsibility for all serious crime in the borough of Hounslow.

After retiring from the police he retrained as a secondary school maths teacher, before moving to Taverham and setting up a business specialising in corporate crime scene investigation (CSI) team building experiences. It’s now one of the biggest team building businesses in the country, reaching more than 100,000 people and winning Conference and Incentive Travel Magazine’s 2015 Award for Team Building Experience of the Year.

When Steve received a call in March to ask if he would be a forensic science advisor for the next series of BBC One crime drama Silent Witness, he jumped at the chance.

“I did some work for a singles club eight years ago, and it must have stuck in the lady’s head because when a contact who does the props on Silent Witness said they needed some advice on blood splatter pattern analysis – which is one of my specialities – she suggested me,” said Steve.

“I went down to the London studio on April 8 and advised them on things like the direction of the blood splatter, where the suspect would have been standing and getting the blood mixture right.

“I also looked at the CSI kits that the characters would take with them to the scene to see if they were right, and to be honest they were pretty good.”

Steve also went through the forensic aspects of the script and gave the crew a presentation on blood splatter patterns.

This wasn’t the first time that Steve has been asked to do television work. He has also spent a week setting up a beach crime scene in Mauritius for Sky TV, but he says working on Silent Witness has to be the “crowning glory”.

“I try and keep away from watching police programmes in general, but Silent Witness is good telly.”

Steve is now on call to offer advice when needed – any excuse to put on his white overalls!

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