Still time to have say on housing proposals for Aylsham

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Feb 8, 2018 3 mins read

Residents are being urged to have their say on proposals for thousands of new homes in the Greater Norwich area, which includes sites in Aylsham.

The sites are among hundreds being considered by local authorities, including Broadland District Council, as part of the emerging Greater Norwich Local Plan (GNLP) which will cover the period up to 2036.

A series of roadshows is under way where members of the public can find out more and make their views known to help the authorities reach final decisions.

The public consultation period will last until 5pm on Thursday, March 15.

As well as new homes, the GNLP will also identify sites for jobs and infrastructure, setting out what’s going to be developed, where and how.

Sites for 83pc of roughly 42,900 homes needed for the period have already been identified, leaving a shortfall of about 7,200.

A Call for Sites was made in 2016 and 600 have been submitted for consideration.

Aylsham is identified as a main town in the JCS being the largest market town in Broadland, providing a focus for jobs, services and housing for the surrounding area.

There are currently four sites allocated for development in the town, with two sites for housing and community facilities – Bure Meadows and the Cawston Road development which includes the football club. Two other sites are allocated for employment uses.

Five additional sites have been put forward for consideration for future development through the GNLP.

They include land next to River Bure to the north-east of the town, for 300 homes, a neighbourhood centre to include community and retail uses, a primary school, public open spaces, play areas, a riverside country park and new footpath links. Because it is next to a current development, it is considered to be sympathetic to the character of the area.

Another proposal is for an undetermined number of homes on the south side of Burgh Road, a greenfield site slightly beyond the development boundary.

The third site is on Burgh Road, which would be likely to require some improvements, including the footway to the A140 and good walking and cycling links to town centre. There is also land north of Marriotts Way, where a site is proposed for 250 houses and public open space next to the built-up area to the west of the town.

The final plot is land at Norwich Road for 250 homes.

Depending on the amount of growth identified for Aylsham through the GNLP, there is a choice of sites with development potential, the report says.

However, waste water disposal issues have previously been identified as an issue to the growth at Aylsham because of its proximity to the Broads.

Recent work with the Environment Agency and Anglian Water in connection with planning permissions and allocations in Aylsham has shown that bespoke solutions for water management are suitable for the current amount of commitment, but growth could be limited.

Plans already submitted (number of homes in brackets) include land next to Woodgate Farm (110), land north of Sir William’s Lane (181), Aegel House, Burgh Road (22), The Old Mill, Dunkirk (6), Hungate Lodge, Hungate Street, (9).

The roadshow in Aylsham has already gone ahead but you can catch one at Wroxham Library on March 9 (2-8pm)

To find out more about the plan and contribute to the consultation or to register any preferences, visit the Greater Norwich Local Plan website: www.GNLP.org.uk

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