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May 31, 2013 2 mins read

It’s “Lights, Camera, Action!” at Wroxham Barns from now on, as the stage is set for a summer soap opera with a difference.

The stars of the show – a family of swallows – have recently flown in from Africa, just as staff at Wroxham Barn’s Junior Farm completed preparations for their arrival, and a “Swallowcam” is beaming their antics live from a barn to a giant screen in the farm’s Small Animal Centre, so that visitors can watch their every move.


The swallows make fascinating viewing, as they repair their mud and straw nests from previous years and settle down to raise their chicks.

For the second year running, the nests at Wroxham Barns have been fitted with hidden cameras so that visitors to the Junior Farm can watch the family drama unfold on the big screen throughout the summer.

Swallows are delicate birds with dark, glossy blue backs, red throats, pale bellies and long tail streamers, each year migrating from the warmer continents to the UK. During migration they can fly an incredible 200 miles a day.

The little birds have long been recognised as icons of the British summer, as the sight of them swooping and diving across the UK landscape heralds the start of the warmer months.

Ian Russell, owner of Wroxham Barns, explains: “Swallows spend most of their time in flight, so it is a special experience to be able to see them up close.  We are very pleased that they have returned to the Junior Farm again this year to raise their young, and are delighted to be able to show their activities live on screen.”

Jo Hand from the RSPB adds: “A brand new RSPB unit has just opened at Wroxham Barns, offering all sorts of activities and information, and it’s marvellous to have the Swallowcam up and running again this year. There are some fantastic opportunities to learn more about the special wildlife of the Broads and plenty of ways of keeping youngsters entertained throughout the holidays.”


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