Surprise filming in Aylsham

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Apr 7, 2021 1 min read

Shoppers in Aylsham on Good Friday did a double take when they saw Boris Johnson coming out of Coxford’s Butchers. Surely the prime minister wasn’t taking a break to pick up a pound of sausages…

Closer examination soon revealed that it wasn’t him – and the film crews might also have given a clue that the town was taking a starring role in a TV production.

Filming was being carried out for This Sceptred Isle, starring Kenneth Branagh – a Sky drama about the UK’s response to the covid-19 crisis.

Branagh plays Boris Johnson, and the series looks at how the government dealt with the crisis along with how health staff and others on the frontline made the big decisions about how to respond to an unknown adversary.

On Friday, Branagh was filmed in locations around the town including the Drill Hall, the town hall, and the butcher’s shop.

Johnny Payne, who runs Coxfords along with Jason Gibbons, said it was “an honour” to have his shop in a scene and that the crew spent a couple of hours filming.

This Sceptred Isle is expected to be shown in August 2022.

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