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May 12, 2016 3 mins read

by Gay Webster, Just Regional editor

Don’t hang about. Yep, good advice I thought considering what we were all about to do.

Just four brisk steps and off were the instructions to me and the 50 or so others who had signed up to do the Big C Firewalk on April 30 at the Forum in Norwich.

Did it hurt? Nope, not a bit. The science behind it all was explained in a briefing before the event alongside some engaging confidence building from the man in charge Steve Stuttard, director of Survivorbility.

Ex- special forces, he knew his stuff and was happy to point out he wouldn’t make anyone do anything he hadn’t done. So, that’s OK then.

Big C raises huge amounts of money from its special events such as firewalks, parachute jumps (I ducked out of that one later in the year and passed the baton on to fellow editor Sophie Stainthorpe) and Big Cuppa events – tea, cake and the like. We’re hosting one at our Aylsham offices on May 26, 10.30am-3pm if anyone fancies popping along.

The community spirit was strong among those taking part, many for friends and family who had been affected by cancer or because it was something they themselves had dealt with. Whatever the reasons they were up for it and, without exception, faced their fears to walk the walk, some more than once.

A stack of wood was well alight as everyone signed it, leaving 500C worth of ashes as a pathway by the time we were ready to go.

It’s a chance to take on a personal challenge, while helping to raise large amounts of money, with events co-ordinator Dan Bell saying after the event: “We have so far raised over £10k, but that figure will most certainly climb as we still have people to drop in all their funds.”

Would I recommend it? Yes for sure, it’s a real buzz to be able to achieve it and great to know that the money raised is helping local people in their cancer battle.

Check out www.big-c.co.uk/events to find out what events are going on this year and how you can sign up. Go on, break through that comfort zone and give it a go!

Instagram – @bigccharity

Twitter – @bigctweets

Facebook – facebook.com/bigccharity


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