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Oct 18, 2013 2 mins read

A documentary with people from Norwich and surrounding area as the stars airs on TV next week.

Up All Night: The Minicab Office turns the spotlight on Courtesy Taxis as the staff help the homeward bound from Norwich city centre after a night’s clubbing.

On a Saturday night, in excess of 12,000 people can hit Prince of Wales Road for its nightlife.

The taxi firm is in the eye of the storm at home times, with door staff, a taxi marshall and a large waiting area able to seat 50 customers.

The one-hour documentary looks inside this post-party haven to get a glimpse of what it’s like to wrangle the riotous and deal with the delightful.

Owner, Mark Streeter bought the firm eight years ago, and when they moved to Prince of Wales Road in 2009 he wanted to create somewhere safe and warm where people could wait for their taxi home.

Controller Linzi and telephonist Sam can see up to 1,000 people a night come through their doors, with varying degree of sobriety and manners. “You’ve got to be tough to stand up to some of this crowd,” he said. Each new customer gets a number on arrival and when their car has arrived their number is called and their chariot awaits. An easy job for the sober but for those who have had one too many it can baffle and confuse.

The cab fleet is made up of 57 cars and drivers, including cabby of 18 years Carlton and Emma, the firm’s only female driver.

Chauffeuring the wild and wonderful of Norfolk they encounter banter, abuse and the odd striptease but it’s not all after dark delights, the firm has its regular customers throughout the day too. From business accounts like hotel area manager Dee to older passengers who like a natter with the drivers, the minicab office sees all walks of life.

The Minicab Office is on Channel 4 next Thursday (24th October) at 10pm.

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Meet the team at Courtesy on Channel 4.

Meet the team at Courtesy on Channel 4.

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