Tennis coach Sam shows how soup can boost your game…

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May 11, 2020 2 mins read

For those of you missing a game of tennis and feeling in need of some tips, Taverham tennis coach Sam Tyson has posted some special lockdown sessions on his YouTube channel.

Sam launched Tyson’s Tennis Tips in October 2019, showing all his personal tips through online tutorials. Since the covid-19 restrictions came into play, he has been concentrating on coaching that can be done at home including hand-eye co-ordination drills in the garden and footwork drills involving tins of soup…

“Recently, I recorded some footage in Latin America on my travels, before having to return home early due to the Coronavirus,” he said. “I’ve also included some footwork exercises and drills which viewers can do at home, under lockdown, in their gardens, using household items. My ambition is to get more people active and involved with the brilliant sport of tennis.”

Sam, who has 10 years experience as a coach, grew playing tennis at Taverham Tennis Club,  representing the club across Norfolk.

In 2014, he became the head coach, where he grew the coaching programme size by 400pc.

“My channel is based on tennis tutorials, giving valuable insight to all aspects of the game,” he said.

Click here to watch Sam in action and to see how you could improve your game.

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