Thousands of North Norfolk electricity and gas users set to make savings

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Apr 18, 2013 2 mins read

Nearly three thousand North Norfolk households will find out in the next couple of weeks how much they could save on their electricity and gas bills, now the initial results of a council-run scheme to use the power of numbers to negotiate reduced household tariffs have been announced.


Across the county six local authorities are involved in the ‘Norfolk Big Switch and Save’ scheme.  In North Norfolk, where the scheme is run by North Norfolk District Council (NNDC), 2,796 households registered with Big Switch and Save, with nearly 12,000 households signing up across the county as a whole.


On 8 April, at the end of the registration period, energy companies in the UK were asked to take part in a ‘reverse auction’ and submit their lowest offers, the best of which would then be offered to all those who registered to see whether they could get a better deal. The auction was a great success, with three companies, Sainsbury’s Energy, Scottish Power and British Gas winning in three different categories – dual fuel, electricity only, and prepayment meter customers. Overall, 71% of the people who registered could make a saving on their annual electricity and gas bills by switching to one of the offers, with an average saving of £111. The highest average saving would be £139 for Dual Fuel customers opting for online billing.


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