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May 20, 2020 2 mins read

Local charity Norwich Door to Door has stepped in to help deliver vital PPE supplies to GP practices across Norfolk and Waveney.

The charity usually provides transport for those who have difficulty getting around, so while the minibuses are not running during the covid-19 restrictions it has turned its hand to helping in other ways.

And one job its volunteers and vehicles are doing is delivering PPE to frontline staff, swelling the ranks of a growing army of local volunteers and organisations who have donated their time and resources to help get supplies to those who need it.

Ian Elliott, CEO of Norwich Door to Door said: “As a charity ourselves we understand how important it is for everyone to support each other particularly at times like this. We are really pleased to be able to support the NHS in this way by getting these vital supplies those who need it by transporting PPE across Norfolk and Waveney in our minibuses.”

Door to Door driver Gary Squires delivering items across Norfolk

This delivery service is separate from, and in addition to, the national PPE online ordering process.

Locally, the Norfolk Resilience Forum (NRF), made up of local public sector organisations including the NHS, has received offers of PPE from 180 companies following a successful campaign.

In addition, staff from the NHS Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group, have also been redeployed to support frontline services and a small team has managed to buy more than half a million items of PPE, such as gloves and masks.

Practices have been asked to order from national supplies if possible but if they begin to run short, the CCG delivers.

As well as Norwich Door to Door, there’s a small army of CCG staff and relatives who are driving out PPE when its needed, along with others including Norwich City Community Sports Foundation.

Melanie Craig, chief officer at Norfolk and Waveney CCG, said: “We are hugely grateful to organisations such as Norwich Door to Door and Norwich City Community Sports Foundation who have donated their time, people power and vehicles in order to deliver PPE to those on the frontline who need it. This means that our staff can focus their time and energy on helping patients and supporting frontline services.”

If you are a local business and are interested in manufacturing PPE, please click here and complete the simple contact form. 

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