VE Day tribute shows today’s quiet heroes

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May 8, 2020 2 mins read

These stunning photographs show the team of people who have been working hard behind the scenes to keep Norfolk life running smoothly and keeping people safe during the covid-19 pandemic.

The multi-agency Covid-19 Response Team is made up of members from the emergency services, the armed forces, Norfolk County Council staff and health workers.

Facing incredible challenges every day, they meet them quietly and efficiently, with many people not even realising they are there.

And to mark the anniversary of VE Day, and to pay tribute to these hidden heroes, Gerry Baker, who was in the Royal Air Force and used to work at RAF Coltishall, arranged these photos to raise awareness of who they are.

Members of the Covid-19 Response Team line up to mark the anniversary of VE Day. Photos: DUNCAN ARNOLD

The photos were taken by Norfolk photographer Duncan Arnold and they capture a rare occasion when representatives of all the essential services are together, remembering the sacrifices made 75 years ago.

The choice of the former base as a venue is especially fitting, as RAF Coltishall was a Battle of Britain airfield and played a major part in the Second World War. It is also being used for an assortment of roles during the current pandemic including as a temporary mortuary and as housing for homeless people.

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