Vodafone apologise for poor signal and pledge to fix

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Mar 25, 2015 3 mins read

Vodafone bosses have admitted that there is a signal problem in Aylsham and apologised to their customers – following a Just Aylsham campaign.

There has been widespread concern around the town in recent weeks about a range of problems, including late texts and calls going straight to voicemail even between people who are sitting next to each other and who both appear to have full signal.

There have been dozens of examples of the results of the signal problem, including students at the high school having to borrow friends’ phones on other networks to contact their parents and missed GP appointments.

Meanwhile business people have complained about the impact on their activities, with one describing the issue as “totally crippling” and another saying they had lost business as a direct result.

And when people contact Vodafone to ask them for help, they are “greeted with automated replies and unhelpful staff” or “total disbelief”, according to a huge number of comments from our readers on a Facebook thread we set up a few days ago.

Several people have already moved providers in response to the problems.

Among those who have commented was Rick Rushmer, who said: “Poor or no signal. Delayed texts. Unable to connect. Complaint made and was told no other complaints had been received!”

Vicki Gascoine was one of many who highlighted the fact the problems were only related to Aylsham and not nearby towns and villages: “I have problems every Wednesday when I visit Aylsham.”

And Sarah Hawke added: “I have two mobiles in the house. One on Tesco which works perfectly every time and the other on a Vodafone contract which is very hit and miss.”

In a statement to Just Aylsham, a Vodafone spokesperson said: “We’re sorry some of our customers in Aylsham have been experiencing signal problems recently.

“Our local mast developed a fault on March 21 which has led to problems establishing calls.

“Our engineers have carried out some work to remedy this and we can see that call set up is improving.
“We will continue to monitor the performance.”

Local firm Digital Phone Company, who will soon be opening a shop in North Walsham, have agreed to take up the issues with Vodafone on the town’s behalf.

“We have been discussing with Vodafone and are pleased to report that they have deployed some remote software changes, the situation appears to have been rectified and they are monitoring the situation,” said sales director Richard King.

“It’s worth noting as well that all networks suffer such outages at times.

“The most important thing to realise is that the 4G countrywide roll out means there is a very positive future for the Vodafone signal in this area.”


Digital Phone Company who have numerous shops across the region are speaking with Vodafone on the towns behalf

Digital Phone Company who have numerous shops across the region are speaking with Vodafone on the towns behalf

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