We learn from our mistakes

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Mar 31, 2020 2 mins read

This month, Sheringham High School head Andrew Richardson’s column is online….

The week all schools were instructed to close, Sheringham High’s assembly topic dealt with how we learn from setbacks.

The fact we only got through two of these House assemblies before the closure news was, in itself, an irony not lost on the students. Nevertheless, what has happened since has been especially significant in terms of the assembly topic.

When you realise that the inventors of WD-40 called it this to celebrate the fact that their first 39 attempts were truly rubbish at ‘water dispersal’; that bubble-wrap was a failed attempt at a textured wallpaper and only used accidentally as a packaging filler until someone saw just how great it was at protecting objects; that 5,126 Dyson vacuum prototypes went boom before they got the one that didn’t; or that the team who created Post-it notes who were trying to create the world’s strongest glue suddenly realised that their ‘not very gluey glue’ was great but for a very different purpose, it makes perfect sense that we humans are the best at learning from our setbacks.

So, as we approach a national and global challenge against this coronavirus, SHS students have committed to their remote studies, SHS parents have been wonderful and focused, and SHS staff have stepped onto the frontline to keep education and the community going. Setbacks are merely part of our success.

Andrew Richardson, Sheringham High School head.

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