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Wear it red for Immy

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May 26, 2020 3 mins read

Wondering what to wear each morning when you’re not getting dressed to go to work? Well, this Thursday, whatever you choose, make sure it’s red.

May 28 is World Blood Cancer Day and we are all being urged to Wear It Red to raise awareness of something that is close to our hearts here at Just Drayton and Taverham.

Regular readers will know about Imogen Roe (Immy) who had a bone marrow transplant last November and who came him just before the lockdown restrictions kicked in.

She and her family – including twin sister Charlotte and older brother, Liam – are currently on almost 200 days of social restrictions and the nine-year-old Drayton schoolgirl is doing well six months after her transplant.

And she is hoping lots of us will join in with the day to help others in her situation.

Immy’s mum, Anna Dagless, said: “I was shocked to learn that every 35 seconds someone in the world gets a blood cancer diagnosis, and every 20 minutes in the UK. 80,000 people globally need a transplant every year – 2,000 in the UK. Yet only four out of 10 get a stem cell match as only 2pc of the UK population are on the bone marrow register.”

A match for Immy was found in the USA and she is getting stronger day by day, even managing a 1km bike ride as her muscles and endurance improve.

Immy is hoping lots of us will wear red on Thursday to mark World Blood Cancer Day.

“She inspired me to bike 20km a day in May – to raise awareness of the Bone Marrow register. Supported by charities such as Anthony Nolan or [German charity] DKMS,” said Anna. “I couldn’t do the first day in May as Imogen was in hospital, but have done 220km since… it’s 400km to Bristol hospital where she spend 100 days – so would like to bike the equivalent distance of there, and back and then see how far my legs will take me after that…”

The #wearitred campaign aims to raise awareness of bone marrow donation and it is hoped others will sign up to become potential donors.

Next week is also National Blood Week, which coincides with Immy’s birthday on June 13.

During her treatment Imogen needed more than 70 blood product transfusions and her family are keen to encourage others to give blood, too.

“It is so important to keep stock supplies up and you never know when you might need it,” said Anna. “I have to put my money where my mouth is, so I have an appt to donate blood on May 29 –Imogen’s six-month post-transplant date.”

For more information about how to become a donor, to see more about Imogen and to find out where to post photos of you (and your toys and pets) wearing red on Thursday, click here.

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