Willow tree ‘safe’ for now

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Jun 1, 2015 2 mins read

The future of a willow tree next to the new housing development behind Aylsham High School has been attracting concern and attention – but it appears the tree is safe, for now at least.

Signs have been propped up against the tree, on the corner of Sir Williams Lane and Burgh Road, reading: “Save our willow tree”.

There are a range of versions of whether developers and/or contractors have tried to cut the tree down or not, but the future of the tree at least seems to be clear.

Norfolk County Council spokesman John Birchall said: “It is within the highway and all the county council proposes is to make sure its branches don’t obstruct the footway that’s being built, or affect visibility for motorists.

“The tree has about 10 years’ life left, and there has been discussion about planting a replacement nearby so that it is well established when the existing willow reaches the end of its natural life.

“The Town Council was at one stage wrongly informed that it was coming down. There has never been any proposal to fell this tree.”

Town council clerk Sue Lake said that after a failed attempt to apply for a tree preservation order, contractors on site were going to cut down the tree.

“I along with another member of staff went to see them and stopped them from doing this. I then contacted both Broadland District Council and Norfolk County Council and have emails from both saying there is no permission to cut the tree down and they had no plans to grant permission.

“The willow tree is actually outside the development site so any action the developers should take would be possibly seen as trespass,” added Mrs Lake.

Willow Tree

Willow Tree


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