Will’s offering a treat that money can’t buy

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Mar 17, 2023 2 mins read

A day at a motor-racing event is on a lot of people’s wishlists, although tickets can be well out of the range of a lot of fans.

But Wroxham racing driver Will MacIntyre is aiming to treat some lucky fans to a VIP day at the races, meeting British Touring Car drivers, F4 drivers and Porsche drivers and seeing behind the scenes.

“They can go on pit lane walks and paddock tours with me. It’s time to give back,” said Will, who is gaining success in F4 driving.

Will is holding a competition which will help increase his profile and to give anyone buying a £5 ticket the chance to get two passes to an experience of a lifetime.

With 60 tickets up for grabs, spread over 10 weekends including meetings at Snetterton, Donington and Silverstone, he hopes the winners will be people who deserve a treat.

“Who do you know that wouldn’t get this opportunity to get close to the action and even sit in and be photographed in the cars?” he said. “Who do you know who, due to financial reasons or illness, wouldn’t ordinarily be able to attend a VIP day out?

“Perhaps you have a mate who always helps others, maybe a friend who’s struggling?”

Anyone buying a ticket can nominate someone to receive the prize and say why they deserve to be chosen.

Days at the track can cost £180 or more, but a tour with Will, meeting other drivers, sitting in the racing cars and getting access that’s normally reserved for drivers and their crews is something money can’t buy.

Will is back from training in the UAE where he finished fourth, sixth and seventh out of 40 drivers.

His attention is now turned to training this month in preparation for the start of the season in April. And he hopes to be taking fans with him to some of those races.

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