Wolf’s Child is a polished theatrical jewel

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May 19, 2015 2 mins read


Norfolk & Norwich Festival’s outdoor theatre Wolf’s Child is crafted into Felbrigg, using the house, garden, woods and fields so well that at times even the evening sun seemed on cue.

Every scene has different visual flair, provided by each of the carefully chosen natural places and the drama played out in them. And there is no shortage of drama, from intense character clashes to daring aerial ballet and some surprisingly vicious bloodletting; even lustful encounters.

Much of it is (very cleverly), without words, and the poetic spoken lines are subtly amplified, so the audience doesn’t miss a thing.

A rich tapestry of haunting music colours the tale, provided by a choir, with perfect timing. Moving the audience from place to place is done with creativity, so it becomes part of the show.

A vulnerable young woman is chosen from a strange, sheltered existence to undertake a dangerous task in the wider world, and finds there’s more to life than she has so far been allowed to know. Love, fear, joy and loss ravage her, and as one watches it unfold beneath huge, ancient trees, the thought that they have seen it all before grows quietly in the mind.

But there’s humour too, as the cackle-some crows who tell the tale (and look after the audience) have a beady eyed perspective on human life.

The energy and skill of every player is stunning, and the invisible teamwork driving the hidden technical support make this a polished theatrical jewel.


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