Young cast puts women’s rights in spotlight

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Feb 11, 2016 2 mins read

Norfolk youngsters will be campaigning for equality and women’s rights this spring as they perform in the musical Made in Dagenham.
The show is being staged by Norfolk Youth Music Theatre from April 6-9 at Norwich Playhouse and rehearsals involving young actors aged 15-26 are in full swing.
Leading roles and chorus were chosen following open auditions in January and the cast comes from all over the county, including youngsters from Aylsham, North Walsham, Sheringham, Cromer and Drayton. Look out for their stories in the relevant Just magazines.
The musical, from the original film, tells the story of how, in 1968, the dissatisfied underpaid women in the Ford factory in Dagenham, represented by their shop steward, began action with the union rep to secure a better deal.
A strike began on June 7, when the women sewing machinists walked out, followed later by the machinists at Ford’s Halewood Body and Assembly plant at Liverpool. The women made car seat covers and, as stock ran out, the strike eventually resulted in a halt to all car production.
There was more trouble when the women found out that, as part of a regrading exercise, their jobs were now less skilled production jobs and that they would be paid 15% less than the full rate received by men.
The strike ended three weeks after it began, as a result of a deal that immediately increased their rate of pay to 8% below that of men. Inspired by their example, women trades unionists founded the National Joint Action Campaign Committee for Women’s Equal Rights which held an equal pay demonstration attended by 1,000 people in Trafalgar Square in May 1969. The ultimate result was the passing of the Equal Pay Act 1970.
Music is by Grammy, Ivor Novello and BMI Award winning David Arnold, one of Britain’s leading film composers and music producers and lyrics by Richard Thomas, who is best known for writing and composing Jerry Springer: The Opera.
For more information and to book tickets go to www.norfolkymt.net.

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