Young drivers learn valuable skills

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Nov 18, 2013 2 mins read

Young people in Aylsham are about to start an initiative to help tackle anti-social driving in the town.

Broadland District Council, in partnership with Norfolk Police, is funding 13 places for young people on an scheme to help improve their driving skills and their awareness of potential dangers.

The scheme, called Tread, is run by Norfolk County Council. It involves a series of workshops to be held at Aylsham Fire Station for young people who have been identified as driving in an unsafe and anti-social manner in the area by the local Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Taking place over five weeks in November and December, the workshops aim to improve young peoples’ driving and reduce the number of casualties on the road. They will learn about winter driving, including special car maintenance during the winter season; the mechanics of their own car and that of their friends, including how to change a tyre and check fluid levels; as well as how to deal with passengers and other distractions.

The final workshop is a Skid Avoidance Session, where the young drivers will visit a skid pan and learn how to safely control their car in bad weather conditions.

Andrew Proctor, Leader of Broadland District Council, said: “Anti-social behaviour behind the wheel puts people in unnecessary danger. These workshops will help teach the young people of Aylsham the importance of responsible driving, whilst providing them with lifelong skills. It is commendable that they have engaged with the police and council by volunteering to participate in this opportunity.”

To find out more about Tread, visit www.think.norfolk.gov.uk.



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